Laura Parker | Copywriter and Editor
Freelance Copywriter

Content Writing

Content writing that doesn’t suck


You know your business back to front, but you might need someone to get that down on paper.

I write copy for websites, blogs, emails, social posts, press releases, support FAQs and emails. I understand digital marketing, content marketing strategy, marketing automation, email nurture flows, SEO and PPC, and the rest. 


Website copywriting 

Websites fail because they’re too inward-looking, focused on the business and not the customer.

It doesn’t help that the industry is riddled with copy myths: too long and nobody will read it, too short and it’s not valuable. People read copy, they love it. People don’t read stiff, boring, jargon-ridden tripe, though. If you’re working on a new site or updating your existing one, let’s chat.

Blog and article writing 

There’s nothing worse than an empty blog on a website. A blog is a long-term commitment. To see organic growth from Google, you’ll need to post regularly. And I don’t mean asking Kevin from accounts to knock something up. I’ll help you to find blog topics and create a plan. I’ll write your blogs for you. If you want?


Email marketing 

Email is the best way to get someone to buy something from you. But email only works if people read it. Don’t spend your time creating fancy emails that nobody opens because the subject line is crap. Get your emails noticed, and you’re laughing all the way to the bank. 


Social media strategy

The only way to do social media is to get stuck in. I can review your social channels, and make recommendations on how to improve social presence. If you need something comprehensive, I can produce a planning document including goals, objectives, strategy and tactics. Need training? I can do that too. 

Content problems are business problems that cost time and money for businesses. If you want content that’s useful, usable and reusable, get in touch 

I don’t think we will need any amendments, great job!
— Miriam Oblong, Fused7