Laura Parker | Copywriter and Editor
Freelance Copywriter


Simple language sells


I’ve been a copywriter for roughly five years. Before that, I worked in editorial, and before that I worked as a music journo, writing gig reviews for local press and websites.

I draft concepts and write copy for ad campaigns (billboards, the words you see on the side of buses), apps, TV, radio and print (direct response mailers and flyers).


Advertising concepts and copywriting 

Copywriting is more than just writing, it’s about ideas and problem-solving. Ads today are cliched and predictable, a mimicking of the drivel absorbed from years of sitting in front of the TV. If you want copy that doesn't sound like it's come straight from your TV at home, give me a buzz. 


UX copywriting

You can design the world's most beautiful app, but if the copy is pants, people will either ignore it or get annoyed. I write copy for apps, sign-up emails, coach marks, onboarding screens, empty states and notifications. There’s no room for waffle. My copy is concise and useful.


Direct response copywriting 

“Direct response copywriting is dead, throw it on the bonfire.” Digital marketing can be traced back to the days of newspaper ads and direct marketing — it’s more relevant than you might think. Don’t shun sales letters and leaflets. Direct response copywriting is measurable and accountable, fancy billboard ads are not. Need convincing? Try me.